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Buying or Renting a Property in Malta as a Foreigner, Expat or a Local

Buying or Renting a Property in Malta as a Foreigner, Expat or a Local

Expats, Goals, Short Lets and Investments.

We are a constituted body of Malta Real Estate Agents that will provide you with everything you need to know regarding the intricacies, the procedures, pitfalls and benefits that may come your way when preparing to rent or buy a property in Malta. When it comes to Houses in Malta or Property for sale in Malta, our portfolio is extensive, with properties of all categories, to adequately meet your needs. Whether you are looking for Villas in Malta or Flats for rent in Malta. Our reputation, as well as the satisfactory testimonies of our numerous customers, speaks on our behalf.

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Our Agents 

As Estate Agents in Malta, our objective is to provide dynamic and flexible, top quality real estate services to all our clients irrespective of their scale of preference, place of domicile, or investment purposes. Professionalism and transparency has always been our watchword, even as our clients’ interest comes first, second, and last! We started off in 2015 and the success story in Malta Property keeps mounting. Like Martin Luther King, our dream is to be an epitome of professionalism and personalized quality service, and by 2020, we aim to be the sole reference for both retail and commercial real estate in Malta.

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Our Goal 

We aim to be the friendliest Estate Agents in Malta as a result of our fundamental culture of openness and yet professional approach to Property for Rent in Malta. Our business is committed to matching people with the property they are looking for while making the task easier for them under a remarkable process of consultation as the best of Malta Estate Agents.

New In Malta? Here is What is Good To Know

The charming island of Malta is a place that attracts a wide range of people from around the world coming to work and to live here. There are strict rules pertaining to buying a Property in Malta. If you are a foreigner from outside the European Union (EU,) there are a lot of Malta Apartments for Sale or Homes for Sale in Malta that you can buy as a second home, but you must first apply for an Acquisition of Immoveable Property (AIP) permit, granted by the Ministry of Finance, and for which you must pay a minimum investment sum of €103, 906 (for flats or maisonettes) or €173, 129--for Houses in Malta or Villas for sale in Malta. The permit usually takes about 6-8 weeks to get.

Expats, Students and New Residents

For citizens of all EU member states, who have been resident in Malta continually for a minimum five years, it’s free to acquire more than one immoveable property without applying for a permit. There are lot of Villas in Malta, Houses in Malta, and Flats for sale in Malta that you can buy or rent. All across the Sliema, High Bridge and St. Julian surroundings, there are historic buildings to traditional townhouses, as well as, modern flats and countryside villas; there is always something for your taste and budget.


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Most Flats for Rent in Malta and Apartments for Sale in Malta are rented or sold fully furnished. Most are built of stone and concrete, with plastered interior walls, flat roofs for easy installations and maintenance. The flooring in most Malta Property is tiles. Standard bedroom furniture in Homes for Sale in Malta and Villas in Malta includes a bed, a dresser/wardrobe, and bedside tables. Bathrooms have showers, and/or tub, toilet, sink and sometimes a bidet. Bathrooms are entirely tired with separate water heaters. Some flats in Malta have balconies and clothes washers.

In order to get the best apartment in Malta, you will need the services of Estate Agents in Malta, and that is exactly why we are here for you—to simplify your stay in Malta by providing you with top quality consultation services as a body of Real Estate Agents Malta.

Buying For Investment ?

If you are buying a property for investment purposes, know that there are strict rules, as discussed earlier, restricting foreign nationals. But we can help you as Real Estate Agents Malta to acquire the necessary permit and paper work that will allow you to buy Villas for Sale in Malta. The ongoing investment and attractive lure of setting up a business in the beautiful island of Malta has led to increase in development of over 900 unique office spaces in the St. Julian and Sliema’s vicinities; including other surroundings like Gozo. These and such other areas are known as the main business and entertainment districts of Malta, and its home to over 80% of the entire expatriate population working in Malta.

For the past three decades, this area has been transformed into a breathtaking cosmopolitan city, with many beautiful Malta property for Sale and Property for rent in Malta. All of this Malta Real Estate caters for the growing numbers of expatriates in terms of office requirements and accommodation, and with exotic café life style, shopping malls, eateries, clubs, cinemas, seaside beaches, resorts, holiday rental properties, guest houses and three, four and five-star hotels to compliment their needs.

Malta Real Estate for Sale entails that most expats can buy but cannot let their property due to restrictions in place. However, there is an ongoing negotiation between the EU and Malta that will allow EU nationals to enjoy the same privileges like every Maltese. But take note that there are no property taxes in Malta, which is another added advantage in buying Property in Malta, and could justify accepting lower rent returns. From a financial point of view, the return on property investment in Malta includes:

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  1. Net capital gain
  2. Net rental yields—rent that you don’t pay.

In a situation where a qualified or permitted expat or foreign national purchased and rented out an immoveable property resulting in revenue being generated from such activity, then such revenue will be subject to taxes at 15% rate, which is extremely favourable to foreign nationals.

In Real estate Malta, resale of property including repatriation of full resale price, profits after taxes, is possible without any hitches or complications.

Bear in mind that for acquisition of or setting up of companies, citizens of all EU countries can buy more than one immoveable property without obtaining a permit, provided such a group of citizen has been resident in Malta for a continuous period of at least five years.

Looking For A New Apartment Or Short Let?

There are lot of Malta Property for Sale, including Houses in Malta, Flats for sale in Malta or Malta apartments for Sale. As the best Malta Estate Agents, we are here to assist you in getting the best of Malta real estate, whether you are looking for Apartments for sale in Malta or for a short let Flats for rent in Malta. Our database is full of promising properties clients can choose from in Malta and Gozo; and such other places of interest. Properties include Apartments for sale in Malta and Flats for rent in Malta, with or without farmhouses, sea-views, maisonettes and lot more.

Short let properties are properties which include Villas in Malta, Flats for rents in Malta, and such other Property for rent in Malta, which are rented for periods not exceeding 6 months. Our catalogues include thousands of Malta Real Estate properties available for short let throughout Malta.  To go through our database and find the best apartment in terms of price and styles, please click here!

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If you are looking for new apartments or Property for rent in Malta, we can help you search and book for the best and affordable apartments whether in St. Julian, Portomaso, Sliema, Bugibba, St. Paul’s Bay, Birgu, Valletta, Mellieha and any other area of your choice on the Maltese Island. Variations in prices depend on the location and type of the apartment sought.  Rental prices for residential apartments in the St.Julian, Sliema surroundings include:

  • €650 – €2500/month – 1 bedroom apartment
  • €750 – €3500/month – 2 bedroom apartment
  • €850 – €10,000/month – 3 bedroom apartment

The price range in each role from the above indicates that the lower price range will give you a standard residential apartment when searching for Flats for rent in Malta; while the highest price range will fetch you a top-class apartment with a sea-view or one in a specially designated location. Whatever your choice is, we can assist you as the best of Malta Estate Agents to secure your apartment.

Why choose us?

When it comes to Malta Estate Agents, the competition is tense, but the separating line is the inherent level of professionalism and quality of service delivery involved--the sole factor that showcases us as the best there is! That we are the best is no fluke, and here are the reasons:

  • We have a large database of listed Properties for sale in Malta, and our prompt and professional response and overt commitment ensures the best service delivery under an amiable and professional client/agent interaction process.
  • At maltabuyerrent.com, our team consist of seasoned and professional agents that will diligently assist you in search of Property in Malta. Our trained staffs will be with you from the start to finish as you search for your Malta Property.
  • Apart from trained and professional personnel, we have an effective set-up capable of handling the logistics of relocating from your old house to your new apartment in Malta. We are more than willing to handle any legal matter—from preliminary agreement to contractual stage—and our own legal firm is ready to undertake any work and maintenance at your request.
  • We have a large network of trained and committed professional property consultants who have extensive knowledge of all the properties available in Malta,Gozo and its environs. Our Malta Real Estate Agents is a network of reliable contacts, negotiators, architects, contractors, surveyors, furniture suppliers, interior designers, layers and notaries; meaning that we have your entire relocation process covered, with ease and minimum 
  • We offer free property evaluation by helping you to assess your target property and advice you on the price and time to trade it in the market. We are highly committed to providing you with relevant information that will make your buying, selling and renting experience worthwhile.
  • Unlike other agencies, we at maltabuyerrent.com allow you the freedom of selling your Property in Malta at any time without tying you down to any contractual obligation. And once you have endeavoured to sell your Malta property through our esteemed agency, we assure you of quick sale and the best deals ever.
  • Our Estate agents in Malta will keep you posted from time to time with current information about Property for sale in Malta and Property for rent in Malta.

As much as Malta Real Estate for Sale is concerned, we make it our top priority to serve you in the best possible way, so we offer free consultations on your Malta Property for Sale or Property for rent in Malta.


Maltabuyerent.com is made of professional Malta Estate Agents who have built a reputation based on trust and commitment to service delivery. The role of our estate agents in Malta is to help people—locals, expats or foreign nationals—to find Malta houses for Sale or Property for rent in Malta. We understand the inconveniences involved in setting up business or relocating with your family to a new terrain or country thus; we have a team of dedicated agents/consultants with the required know-how and contacts to facilitate your exodus.

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Once you have located or chosen your desired Property in Malta, our team of agents will assist you in managing and coordinating whatever services you may need. You will immediately be introduced to the landlord or buyer and proper lease or sales documentation would begin. All would be done in a matter of minutes or hours. And if you so wish, you can also pre-rent your choice Property in Malta through our website (www.maltabuyerent.com) to ensure quick and easy relocation. Our team of Real estate agents Malta can also assist you in setting up:

Internet, telephone and TV connections

Computers and IT connections for commercial purposes, and

Proper arrangements for cab services, cab hire and leasing.

At maltabuyerent.com, we believe in the principle of collectivism in relation to success, and as such, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and willing business minded persons to join our team of Malta Estate Agents, in order to keep up with our rapidly growing clientele portfolio. If you have previous experience in real estate management, it would be an added advantage. But if you do not have any experience, don’t worry; our professional team will give you a work-through. Developing a career in real estate is very exciting and we make it our priority in helping our associates to build their careers through proper guidance and provision of tools and programs to enhance rapid skill acquisition/knowledge in becoming real Malta Estate Agents.

To be part of our highly esteem agency, click here