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Property in Malta – Everything about Buying, Selling and Renting

Malta is without any doubt one of the most peaceful, calm and scenic places to live. Though it was a place which was once devastated due to the World War 2, it has now become one of the most target areas for people who are looking for buying houses and property in a beautiful locality.  If you are one of those looking for buying a property oozing out with vintage architecture typical this scenic Mediterranean Island, you are at the right place.


Why MaltaBuyRent?


We try to be helpful when seeking assistance in order to sell or rent property in Malta. We will be with you at every step.

If you are doing a property transaction in Malta for the first time, we wrote some articles in our blog section that could help you out with the Preliminary Agreement required to be signed in order to sell a property. 

When you want to buy property in Malta, there are some duties levied on the documents and transfer of ownership of the property. The tax amount has to be borne by the buyer and the prescribed fee is 5.9% of what the property value is. If you need any assistance with respect to understand the procedures of purchasing or renting property in Malta feel free to contact any of our agents.

 The website has a filter option on which you can enter all your preferences like property price, location required and keyword if any.

You can also enter house preferences like a minimum number of bedrooms and bath as well as specifications about the rooms.

If you are looking for complete assistance with respect to property buying or renting in Malta.  You will be able to see different types of properties along with its original pictures as well as pictures of the surrounding locations listed online.


Buying property is a slow process, and it is important to proceed through it consciously in order to avoid any flaws. An assisting website will help you go through the same without a lot of hassles.

If you are a seller, you can also list your properties on this website and find genuine buyers. This website makes property transactions in Malta free from all hassles, giving you an extremely convenient and cost-saving deal.