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Property Management in Valletta Malta

You have a property for rent, and you want to put it in management? Choose rental management in Malta Valletta and benefit from expert advice. Thanks to the numerous specialized agencies, you will be perfectly accompanied.

Using professionals

Whether in the context of renting or selling a home, real estate professionals can accompany owners, especially when their property is put on the market.

Valleta malta

Indeed, real estate agencies offering a rental management service help homeowners to set the amount of their rents according to the benchmarks in force, but also to optimize the rent so that it is profitable. If an owner wishes to delegate the management of a set of houses, offices or businesses, he or she must contact a property manager. In this case, liability is transferred through a commercial lease.

valletta malta

Advice from experts

After the visit of the property to be rented, the agency offers its expertise. It advises on the amount of rent considering the local market, supply, and demand. It is therefore essential to privilege the local real estate agencies. They may, if necessary, propose a new development or various works. If this is the case, the investment will be rewarded with a higher rent or selling price. Owners also benefit from advice on taxation. They learn about the tax advantages of renting a furnished or unfurnished home. Questions concerning the insurance or calculation of expenses can also be dealt with by the real estate agency.

Guarantees for unpaid payments

Thanks to many devices, the owners are covered in case of disputes or unpaid. Once again, within the framework of a rental management, it is the real estate agency that will inform them about the devices and their assets. Agencies can propose the rental risk insurance, which insures owners against unpaid rents to the tune of € 70,000, finances the recovery of the debts of the tenant and covers the damages made to the housing to the tune of € 7,700. The insurance can be contracted by the owners having one or several residences in rent under certain conditions:

  •    The house must be the tenant's principal residence
  •    The rent must be less than 2 000 €
  •    It must be less than 50% of the tenant's income space
  •    Accommodation maintained and up to standard

Leaving housing in rental management means delegating management. Housing is regularly maintained and, more and more frequently, an accompaniment in renovations or ecological solutions is proposed. Simple arrangements are then made in the accommodation to reduce heat loss and waste energy. In the event of an incident, the tenant can contact the agency to benefit from a rapid care and preserve the quality of the accommodation.

Variable-cost benefits

Rental management has a cost that corresponds to a share of 5 to 10% of the rent. In the case of a sale, agency fees are to be expected. They are decided before the property is placed on the market.

To use a real estate agency is to choose to be perfectly accompanied in the rental management or in the sale of a real estate. To benefit from an optimized expertise, it is strongly recommended to call on a local agency in Malta Valletta that will have a better knowledge of the market.


Malta Valletta - A beautiful place for tourism

From the sky, the Maltese islands resemble pebbles thrown into the open sea. No river, no mountain, few trees ... And yet! The archipelago, between Sicily and Tunisia, has seen most of the Mediterranean civilizations pass through the centuries. This did not always happen smoothly, but that explains the extraordinary cultural richness of this small territory. Prehistoric megalithism, Roman remains, Muslim and Christian domination, the importance of religious orders, everything is united on a few kms².

When to go to Malta?

Malta - vegetation

The climate is Mediterranean: the summers are warm and dry, the winters quite mild with temperatures rarely below 15 °. The rain is rare even if a little more frequent from November to February. You can go all year round, but the spring and autumn are particularly pleasant.

Where to stay in Malta?

There are all types of accommodation in Malta apart from the campsite which is little developed. So there are opportunities for all scholarships. Moreover, unless you want to change your island, you do not have to multiply the units because the points of interest are never far from each other. Large resorts have flourished as well as everywhere and are usually full from April to October. It's a question of taste but these hotels sometimes offer big promotions out of season.

What to eat in Malta?

Malta - local aperitif

Malta could be the best for its wines! In general, the restaurants offer Italian, Mediterranean cuisine with some British remains. If I have not been so convinced by the local cheese and sausage or the rabbit, fish, and seafood are delicacies. You will also find good sweet or savory puff pastry on every street corner. Prices are somewhat lower than in France and Belgium, especially when you leave the tourist trails.

Click Here to check the average cost of living in Malta.

What to do in Malta?

In Malta, all roads lead to Valletta! Especially if you take the bus

The capital does not seem to have changed much since its founding in the sixteenth. As a European crossroads, it is the seat of religious orders and has taken advantage of its position to build itself. Large fortifications in small streets. The city of the Knights has preserved a lot of traces of its past. The priority is to get carried and to stroll! You will come across beautiful facades, some visited buildings, you can also enjoy the view from the ramparts ... Do not hesitate to stop at the Saint-Jean cathedral and its museum. “In front “sits the Three Cities which offer an interesting continuation to the visit of the city. The capital is quite calm outside of certain festivities like the Saint Paul or the carnival.

Malta Valletta is one of the beautiful place to be considered when you want to take a tour, Xewkija and its dome, the cliffs, Xlendi and its bay, Gharb and Ta'Pinu basilica, hiking ... points of interest abound. But one of the most famous sites is the Window of Azure, a natural stone arch, and the bay of Dwejra, a beautiful cove due to the collapse of a cave.