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Street Markets and Deals in Malta.

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Most Common Street Markets and Deals in Malta

Malta is a lavish destination Island that awaits your arrival. As soon as you arrive in Malta, you’re greeted by a bright, colorful country. Within its depths, you can uncover delectable eats, enticing smells, and even some amazing open-air markets. If you’re looking for great deals, Malta is the place to book your next vacation.

Malta’s open-air markets contain a plethora of products, from handcrafted souvenirs to delicious local-grown food. These markets offer an authentic taste of Malta, in more than just the literal sense. For locals and tourists alike, the markets are a destination that is meant for more than just shopping. Expect to spend a decent amount of time there socializing, shopping, and getting to know some of Malta’s best culture.

Markets are typically bi-weekly, but Sundays are known as Malta’s market days and make for a great weekend adventure. Check out some of our favorite markets for finding deals, Malta has the best of both worlds.


‘Il-Monti’ Valletta Market

This is the largest market that the entire island has to offer, and it’s easily the most well-loved by locals and by tourists. This market is open daily and is called “Twirl”, however, on Sundays, there is much more to choose from as the market relocates from the Merchants Street Valletta and moves to just outside the Valletta. It’s insanely busy, but it’s absolutely worth paying a visit. Here you’ll find tons of items for sale from local vendors. There are traditional Maltese foods and snacks (give Pastizzi a try!) and hand-made souvenirs, amongst other items that you’ll want to stuff your carry-on full of!

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Marsaxlokk Fish Market

If you’d like to spend your Sunday near the seaside village coast soaking up the sun, why not give the Marsalxlokk Fish Market a stop-over while you’re there? This one is also open daily, however there’s much more to see (and buy) on Sundays. There’s more than just fish for sale here. If you’re hankering for some fresh-baked Maltese bread or some traditional Maltese treats, you’re in luck. Marsaxlokk has something to fit everyone’s cravings!


Vittoriosa Market

They say that the best way to get to know a culture is through its people. Malta’s locals know this, and thus there’s the Vittoriosa Market which is a hot spot for tourists to meet and mingle with the local Maltese population.


Ta’ Qali Farmers Market

Also open on Saturdays, the Ta’ Qali Farmers Market is the best place to get farm foods and other products that are from exclusively local Maltese farms. It’s a great place if you’re dying for some good cheap local healthy fruits, freshly baked bread, juicy produce, or even Maltese honey.

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There are other markets in Malta that are worth a visit. Each offers slightly different things with slightly different deals, Malta is all about great locally sourced shopping. These open-air markets are a staple in Maltese culture. You truly cannot get a true taste of what Malta has to offer without visiting any one of their elaborate outdoor markets!