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Things To Consider When Putting Your Home For Sale

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There are many steps that should happen when there is a home for sale before handing over the keys to a new owner. In addition, as with any real estate sale, the process has become more complex in recent years, particularly in the situation of a condominium sale.

There are a lot of documents involved as well as legal processes so it is sometimes important to have an experienced real estate agent in Malta to help you with the process. In this article, we will be looking at some things for you to consider when you put your home for sale in Malta.

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Do an accurate price valuation of your home for sale

In the first place, you will have to estimate the price of the apartment as accurately as possible. This first step is vital to the success of your estate sale. Indeed, a too-high real estate estimate of the apartment will not generate contacts because the property will be too expensive compared to the market price, just as an undervaluation of your property will cause you to lose your initial investment and the various expenses incurred before the sale is completed.

Future homeowners in the market usually have knowledge of the average financial value for an apartment of different types. It is therefore imperative price your property accurately within the actual price bracket to make a quick sale. There are many real estate sites online that list all sales data by property type and area. So, by comparing the characteristics of your apartment for sale and its specific area, this gives you an accurate estimate of the low, medium and high pricing of your apartment.


For a fair evaluation, an online estimate must be validated by a real estate agent who will travel to your home and will thus be able to consider all criteria, objective and qualitative to accurately estimate the sale price of the apartment.

Selling your home? Entrust it to a real estate agency

The ideal solution to selling an apartment remains to entrust it to a professional real estate agent. It is indeed his job and he has mastered the technical, legal, administrative and human aspects.

  • At the administrative level, the real estate negotiator knows all the documents necessary for the formal sale of your apartment: the various diagnoses, the statements of co-ownership, the reports, etc. The file will be thus complete and perfectly prepared for the final sale which takes place at the Notary


  • At the technical level, the real estate professional can detect allthe technical characteristics of your housing, from studio to 2-room apartment, 3 rooms as 5 rooms or more. He can help you make recommendations to improve the property as well as identify the advantages to be put forward for the fast sale of your apartment but also to highlight defects or possible defects that would have to be corrected before the sale because they could slow down or cancel the sale.


  • At the legal level, real estate agents know the whole process required when dealing with a home for sale and the various real estate laws to respect. A real estate professional is recognized and certified and in this sense, he received the appropriate training allowing him to advise you throughout the sale of your apartment in accordance with the law, the various implementing decrees arising from it, and help you negotiate through the legislative mines that have become very cumbersome and tedious for an apartment sale.
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