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What to Consider When You Want to Rent an Apartment in Malta

Malta property apartment living room

Getting an apartment in Malta can relatively easy, the rates are reasonable, but they may also vary based on the different locations. There are great selections of apartments in Malta which are situated all over the island, and they have the ability to fit your lifestyle requirement and budget.
Even though the area offers a wide variety of choices, there are still some things you’d have to consider before you rent an apartment in Malta. Such things include;

Malta property apartment living room

⦁ Choosing the right place when thinking of renting property


When looking for an apartment, always remember that the newer the place is, the less work you have to put in while remodelling and reworking the apartment to best fit your taste. A modern apartment is usually preferable because it requires less maintenance and upkeep. Picking a place that already comes with furnishings and other essential amenities, helps in reducing the stress of having to go furniture shopping.

⦁ Location of the Apartment

When looking to rent an apartment in Malta, location is always important. It also determines the amount you’re going to for the place. The pricey properties are located in St. Julian’s, Sliema and other special designated areas. But if you’re looking for the cheaper ones, you’d have to move further down south but even then properties are never considered cheap. You might also want to consider finding a place that has easy access to the restaurants, your workplace or school. As Maltese traffic in the morning has proven to be a problem

⦁ Size of Apartment

The size of the apartment determines the rent you’d pay. Places with larger rooms usually attract more money. If it’s space that you need, and are willing to pay the price, then, by all means, pick the larger apartments, and there are very good deals for big properties in the south compared to other countries such as the UK. But if you’re working on a budget, the smaller and cozier apartments are for you. Sometimes big doesn’t always translate to better.


⦁ Penthouse or Ground-floor Apartment

You might want to decide if it’s a ground floor apartment or top floor on that you need. Some ground floor rooms may turn out to be very dark in the daytime, so before you pick a place, ensure that there’s enough space outdoors and that the windows are wide enough to maximize illumination and ventilation. Also, note the humidity levels in areas like the bathrooms and the walls. Some top floor apartment can get sweltering in summer, so unless you have an air-conditioning system, you might have to avoid these types.

⦁ If the top floor apartment is facing the north, try to look for any soffit ceilings or gypsum plaster; as these would help insulate cold and heat.
Apartments that face the south are usually warm all day; this can be beneficial during the winter.
Also, before choosing a top floor apartment, you might want to find out if the elevators work, unless you’re comfortable with climbing an endless flight of stairs.

⦁ Look for leakages in the ceilings so as to avoid being saddled with a leaky apartment during the rainy season.

⦁ Find out if every tenant can access the roof in the building. Sometimes having private access to the place can be a bonus when renting an apartment.


If you follow the guidelines above, you will find out that it could be fun renting an apartment in Malta.