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Where and How to Have a Great Holiday in Malta

Where and How to Have a Great Holiday in Malta

Diversity in the choice of holiday accommodation in Malta awaits you! Beaches, sports, culture, nature, relaxation, holidays, studies, choosing a holiday theme or combining a multitude of activities is possible in Malta.

Holiday in Malta “Relaxation” Blue Lagoon

Bronze, bathe, rest in the shade of the parasol all day! A relaxing program in the day to better enjoy the nightlife of Malta. The beaches of Malta and Gozo are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Whether you prefer sandy beaches or smooth rock beaches, seaside resorts or secluded coves, you will surely find your happiness in Malta!

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Cultural holidays in Malta

A land of culture with over 7000 years of history, Malta is a living museum vibrating in the open sky: Neolithic temples, Roman remains, fortified cities, baroque churches, and palaces. Each invasion, Arab, European, and Ottoman left a footprint in the languages, architecture, arts, cuisine, and traditions. The historical sites registered in the UNESCO World Heritage are among the best preserved in Europe and offer an incredible journey into the fabric of time.

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Climbing Sports holidays in Malta

All water sports are practiced in Malta. Climbing is an activity developed on the cliffs of Gozo, supervised by expert instructors. Hiking or mountain biking enthusiasts have many marked itineraries. The Malta Sports Club hosts an 18-hole golf course, tennis and squash courts and cricket courts. Water polo, riding, fencing or archery also have their national clubs.

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Diving holidays in Malta

Malta is one of the best diving spots in the whole Mediterranean with clear waters with a visibility of about 30 meters. There are also caves, tunnels, arches, wrecks to explore, a well preserved aquatic fauna and flora. The clubs of Malta and Gozo offer courses for all levels. From May to October, many instructors speak French. Courses prepare all year round for the European diving instructor diploma.

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Family holidays in Malta

Only 2h30 from the most European capitals, Malta is well-suited for family stays. Thanks to its small size, you can discover many places without spending hours on the roads. Mdina and Valletta are pedestrian cities where children can safely jog. Many cities, like Sliema, have large public play spaces. 

In addition to the beaches, the theme parks, aquatic or playful, aquariums, are much appreciated by young and old alike. Cultural museums are often equipped with interactive kiosks that allow the youngest to learn while having fun.

Note that children are very well catered for in restaurants, most equipped with high chairs.

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Linguistic holidays in Malta

English has been spoken for more than 200 years in Malta and one of the two official languages. With 45 language schools and students from all over the world, it is a popular destination for learning, practicing, and improving in English. Individual courses, intensive courses or combined with other activities are widely available all around Malta. Each school offers language courses adapted to adults, teenagers and children. Schools are concentrated in the lively cities of St Julian's and Sliema and Victoria on Gozo Island.

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Bar hopping, clubbing and festive holidays in Malta

2000 restaurants, bars and clubs! The nightlife in Malta is perpetual and intensely international. The clubs have nothing to envy to the big European capitals with their immense dance floor and the best DJ. In the heat of the summer nights and the most beautiful nightclubs, we celebrate in the open air, facing the sea or by the pools. Malta is animated 365 days a year, the famous district of Paceville is one of the liveliest places to be at night in Malta.

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Breathtaking Nature

Apart from the concrete cities of the North, Malta is an island with large natural areas preserved. You cross the Maltese countryside to the quiet among the vineyards and olive trees. The ribs with the carved relief shelter small intact covers and remarkable salt-works. The vertiginous cliffs of Dingli and Gozo offer extraordinary and wild panoramas. The nature reserves protect 375 bird species listed. A paradise for ornithologists and hunters of images.

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Sailing holidays in Malta

Renting a sailboat in Malta is simple and more affordable than in other Mediterranean countries. A rental by the day around the archipelago or by the week for a cruise farther, the hirers have a large selection of boats. The many Maltese marinas offer excellent infrastructure. If you are not a great navigator: experienced professional skippers.

It is possible to find small paradisiac places to travel, without leaving Europe. Indeed, the exoticism is not only found in the Caribbean or the Pacific islands or off the coast of Africa, and one can quite enjoy sunbathing very profitable on the edge of a beautiful blue sea without having to go very far. This is the case of Malta, an island of 1000 wonders, located very close to Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. You will be able to enjoy an inexpensive stay, but you will still feel that you have gone to the end of the world.

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Holidays in Malta - An excellent trip at a low price

Like all European islands, you can go to Malta for a few hundred euros, accommodation and flights included, and so on the total price of the stay. So be aware that for a week of holidays or a successful honeymoon, you can opt for Malta, eyes closed, without being disappointed in the end.


You can find beautiful beaches on the spot, and some are made of sand, even if they are not numerous. It is therefore important to inform yourself about the hotel you are about to book, whether it is close to Golden Bay or Paradise Bay, for example, famous beaches of Malta and that you will love to discover especially if you have Intended to bet all on idleness for your vacation.


The climate is also very pleasant, gentle and Mediterranean, and you can also count on cultural visits since the island has a beautiful historical heritage, which allows you to discover places of exception, ancient cities and some other constructions quite disorienting.

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Holidays in Malta are full of fun and a place where visitors can create lasting memories. Visit us soon!