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Renting Commercial Real Estate in Malta

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Commercial Real Estate in Malta

When you are seeking certain properties for rent for a business in Malta it is a must when it comes to patience. Find the best location suitable for your needs, this must be taken highly in consideration especially if you intend to proceed into the business of restaurants and bars. We can give you tips on locations that are known to be hot spots for real estate in Malta, not only will we help you choose the right location, we will make sure that the location we are providing has the exact requirements for your business. We know the best spots and locations in Malta and Gozo.


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Commercial properties are very popular in Malta. If you want to invest in commercial real estate in Malta or rent a commercial office space, it is advisable to work with a professional real estate agent in Malta. Malta does not have a central business district like most countries have. It is more of a collection of similar businesses clustered together. If you are looking to rent office space, you should consider Silema. Silema is well known as the commercial centre of Malta and is full of international companies and brands.

Best locations for renting office real estate in Malta

Another great place to rent real estate in Malta is the capital city, Valleta is the favorite choice of law firms and old family businesses. Both locations are popular with clients and competition is rife among companies for the available office rental space. You can also check for real estate in St Julian’s which is well known for its offices that overlook the sea. Floriana is also an investor’s choice for office spaces. It is increasingly popular with businesses because of its proximity to Valleta.


Size and Layout for an Office Rental in Malta

When looking for real estate in Malta in is important to note the size of the office space is usually determined by the type of business that it is. Depending on the number of staff that the company hires, about 10m2 of floor space per employee should suffice. This allows for efficiency of workspace. You should always plan for the growth of your business before renting an office space to reduce logistic costs of moving when your workforce or operations outgrow your workspace. It is usually advisable to leave room for expansion when renting.


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Move-in date and lease requirements

When looking for real estate in Malta be it an office or warehouse for your business, it is imperative to agree with the landlord as to when the location will be ready for moving in. Landlords also differ in the duration of the lease they let tenants sign. Lease duration for real estate in Malta is usually discussed with the owner of the property and agreed upon. Most offices prefer a minimum of 3 years for the lease while some will not accept less than a year.

Office Budget Requirements for Business Related Real Estate in Malta

If you have a location-dependent business, it is advisable to rent an office space in areas where there is a lot of traffic such as Silema. Consult your realtor duly so that they can advise you on which areas in Malta best suit the type of business that you want to run. While renting an office space in areas of high traffic can be more expensive, the amount of business generated could make this expense a fair trade-off. You also save money in marketing and advertisement as foot traffic and exposure is already high in business-rich locations. If you rent in a low traffic location, you should be prepared to spend more in advertising to increase your sales volume and stay in business. Seek the assistance of an experienced commercial property real estate agent to help you understand current market costs and provide you the best options for your budget.

 Legal Requirements

When negotiating a commercial property lease, it is recommended to have a lawyer or legally competent person look through the agreement before you commit. This will ensure that all terms and clauses are unambiguous and you are not getting ambushed by unfair terms and charges. Your property agent can assist with providing you with legal counsel for real estate in Malta in the event you do not have one of your own.

 Are you looking for commercial real estate in Malta or you are looking to rent office space? Contact us today on +356 77047001 and let us discuss your requirements and find the perfect match for your business and budget.