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Common Area Cleaning

Common Area Cleaning

We offer a variety of services to make your pool more enjoyable. (2)

Our Approach on Maintenance

The common areas of your building will be checked for any maintenance needed by our qualified maintenance man every 15 days.

If maintenance or preventive maintenance is needed we will contact the building management and inform of what is needed to be done.

Once agreed we proceed.


Our Service Include Window Cleaning and Gardening.

Our services include window cleaning, all reachable windows will be properly cleaned and maintained.

If the condominium is found to have a garden or outdoor area we will proceed with the following services:

  • Leaves, dirt, soil and any ground will be cleared
  • Overgrown trees or lawn will be cut or trimmed
  • Hedge trimming
  • Watering

We also offer a multitude of services by extra payment such as:

  • Planting new trees/plants
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • replacement of broken equipment, doors and windows

For any services not mentioned above please call +356 77660025 for more information.