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Cost of Living in Malta

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The Different Kinds of Costs When Living in Malta

The cost of living in Malta back in the day was significantly cheaper than it is in the world of today, however even after the financial crisis and credit recession in Europe. The costs of living in Malta has remained fairly cheap when compared to other countries in the EU zone such as the United Kingdom or Sweden.

Average Food Prices in Malta 


Malta Property cost of living in malta
  • A Meal at a restaurant for one 12 

  • Meal for 2 People in a mid-range restaurant, three-course 50 

  • 1kg of Oranges 2 

  • 1kg of Apples 2.15 

  • 1kg of Onion 1.40 

  • 1kg of Banana 1.50 

  • 1.5-litre Bottle of Water 0.70 

  • Loaf of Bread 0.90 

  • 1 litre of fresh Milk 0.87 

  • Domestic Beer 0.5 litre  1.50 

  • Chicken breast boneless 1kg 6.20 

These are estimate prices for food costs when it comes to living in Malta.

Property Rent Prices In Malta 


Malta Property apartment cost of living in malta

         Average Cost of Rent Per Month  

  • Apartment 1 Bedroom in the centre  640 

  • Apartment 1 Bedroom outside centre 450 

  • Apartment 3 Bedrooms in city centre 1030 

  • Apartment 3 Bedrooms outside of centre 760 

These are just estimated property prices when it comes to the cost of living in Malta, for more information see our extensive range of property listings

Buying Property in Malta

  • The Price of an apartment per square metre in the city 2,100 

  • The Price for an apartment per square metre out of the city 1100 

Malta property cost of living in malta

As you can see from the prices shown above living is not too expensive in Malta. However, compared to the Maltese economy, wages for the locals set at a minimum of 700€ which is not too high compared to other countries in the EU zone. There are many different options and styles of accommodations you can choose from when coming to Malta for the first time.

In conclusion, the cost of living in Malta has remained fairly cheap for tourists coming in for a holiday from countries with higher wages, when in comparison to the rest of the EU. Maltese tourism contributes 15% to the national gross of the country, which is an enormous amount for such a small island.