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Gozo-qala – Apartment

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Gozo - Qala - Apartment Ref#: 4384

For Sale €189,561
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
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Apartment in Gozo - Qala For Sale

This very spacious apartment in Qala has 3 bedrooms with a brand new en suite bathroom in the master bedroom.

The Kitchen/Dining/Living room is open plan and very open. The living room has a very large window that lets in a lot of light, but also has a protective layer on the glass to not let in the heat and keeps the apartment cool.

This apartment will be sold semi furnished and has 5 Air conditioning units

The brand new ac in the master bedroom and another bedroom has a 5 year warranty on it.

The master bedroom has new furniture and will remain furnished.

This apartment has a very wide corridor and ample storage space as there is a wardrobe type cabinet that spans across the whole corridor

there is a large back balcony that is shared between the master bedroom and another bedroom.

Has a main bathroom and laundry room.

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